OKARA-Tehsil administrations of Okara and Depalpur got registered cases against the general managers and cane managers of two sugar mills respectively at Saddr and Hujra Shah Muqeem police stations.

The Okara assistant commissioner visited Baba Farid Sugar Mills (BFSM) and found the purchase of sugarcane through middle man in violation of the control rate of the government of the Punjab. They were purchasing the sugar cane at the rate of Rs137-142 per 40kg instead of government rate of Rs180. The cash payment receipts were not given to the growers. The mills staffers on the behest of general manager and cane manager damaged the help desk installed in the mills. On the report of naib tehsildar a case was registered against the GM, cane manager and two unidentified accomplices u/s 382, 186, 506-B of PPC and section 17/21 of the Sugarcane Factories Control Act 1950.

Similarly on the report of assistant commissioner Depalpur, a case was registered against the GM and cane manager of the Abdullah Sugar Mills . Another case against Irshaad Ali of village 18/1-L was registered under section 506-B of PPC and section 17/21 of the Sugar Cane Factories Control Act 1950. The violator was purchasing sugarcane at Rs130-140 per 40kg. The computerised receipts were being issued in the name of contractor/supplier of BFMS instead of the sugarcane growers. The supplier at gunpoint managed to escape.