LAHORE  - PPP’s central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira yesterday said that the joint Opposition which came into being on PAT platform was not a political alliance.  

“PPP is supporting Dr Tahirul Qadri only on the issue of Model Town incident”, he said while addressing a news conference after chairing a party meeting here. 

He stated that opposition parties standing with Dr Qadri had no political objectives to achieve.  

Kaira was responding to questions regarding January 17 flop show of the Opposition parties and their future line of action.  

PPP leader took exception to Punjab Chief Minister’s criticism of the NAB,statibg he (Shehbaz Sharif) came to know of its excesses only when the graft body called him for interrogation.  

He also criticised the Sharifs for their outburst against the judiciary. 

“If the courts deliver verdict of Sharif’s choice, they are good, and if not, they are wrong”, he said, adding, that they considered themselves as “Badshah Slamat”.   

Kaira challenged Shehbaz Sharif’s claim of ending the loadshedding which he said was still continuing.  

“Shehbaz is telling a lie. A probe commission should be constituted to see if the loadshedding has actually come to an end. If the Commission says it has ended, my name should be changed; otherwise, Shehbaz Sharif should change his name”, he maintained. 

On Kasur incident, Kaira said that Zainab could have been saved had the killers of other children been arrested and penalised.   

Speaking on the occasion, Ch Manzoor asked why the Punjab Chief Minister did not take notice of the first incident of murder of a child in Kasur. 

He said that the first incident took place in January 2017, and had the police pursued the case taking DNA tests, more incidents of similar nature could have been avoided. 

He demanded of the government to compensate the bereaved families of the protestors killed during the protests by paying them at least Rs 10 million.  

Manzoor said he would have been glad had the parents of Ayesha, Noor Fatima, Eman Fatima, Laiba and Kainaat also have been invited in Tuesday’s Press conference addressed by the Chief Minister.