KARACHI -  Chemical examination report of Muttahida Qaumi Movement London leader Professor Hasan Zafar Arif, found dead in mysterious circumstances couple of days ago, reveals that he died of natural causes.

According to the report issued Tuesday, revealed the cause of death heart attack , not an unnatural death. The report further reveals that tests were performed for the detection of the 17 poisonous substances out of which all were negative.

The samples for the chemical report were taken from stomach and pieces of intestine, lung, liver, spleen and kidney. Blood samples were also taken including shirts, pants and belt.

The chemical examiners said that Prof Zafar died of heart attack . The report revealed different aspect of the case including possibility of poisonous, but chemical examiners are of the opinion that it was heart attack , which caused his death. “He has undergone bypass surgery. Different tests were performed and we have come to a conclusion that professor’s death is natural because of heart attack ,” an official working in director laboratories and chemical examiner to government of Sindh laboratory sets aside all the possibility poisonous materials found from the body of Professor Arif during autopsy, and furthermore chemical examiners are of the opinion that it might be a heart attack , which caused his death.

Police Surgeon Sindh Dr Aijaz Khokhar further remarked that the cause of death will be later announced after the consultation when the concerned investigation officer from police department will bring the report to the concerned medico-legal officer. 

It is worth mentioning here that the Prof Zafar were on his way to home from Sadder locality to DHA while his body was found from the back seat of his car parked in Ibrahim Haydri locality. Pictures and videos viral in social media indicates torture marks and physical abuse. A senior police officer wish to be anonymous revealed that the 70 years old man have no need extreme torture to kill, controlled torture and unfavourable circumstance could be enough to kill such an old man.