KARACHI - Ziauddin University hosted a dialogue programme titled ‘Promoting Tolerance in Youth’ on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Ziauddin University Vice Chancellor Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui addressing the audience said that active participation of all the factions of the society including the students is predominant in reducing the level of intolerance, anxiety and frustration from the society.

It is also the responsibility of the religious scholars to educate the people on the subject of tolerance and acceptance on daily basis, he added.

“it is appalling that in our country approximately more than 20 million children do not attend their schools due to which the rate of illiteracy is extremely exorbitant which is significantly increasing the wave of incitement and deprivation in the society. He also advised the students to actively participate in creating awareness in their social circles, families to focus on education and learning at every stage”, he further said.

Barrister Shahida Jamil said that the education is the only key through which a tolerant society can be formed. It is the need of the hour to inculcate all such teachings of Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that truly propagates the message of tolerance, respect, freedom of expression and equality irrespective of any kind of discrimination as it is an undeniable fact that the outcome of prejudice is nothing else than huge destruction.

“Since last 70 years we have survived a lot on account of intolerance. Whether it is about partition of Bangladesh in 1971 or any other grave incident, all happened due to the element non-acceptance of each other rights and prerogatives”, she further said.

Institute of Learning and Living (PILL) renowned psychologist and Assistant Director Pakistan Dr Tayyeba Kiran said that the role of parent is pivotal in educating the children in the right direction. From the very initial stage of infancy, parents should teach their children how to control the anger and must refrain from comparing the ability and skills of their children to that of any other relative or friend child, as this will certainly create the element of frustration or lack of enthusiasm in the child.

So it is better to install optimism and assurance among adolescent at every stage. Apart from this, teachers should also try to develop such a healthy environment where students should be well aware of stress management and its consequences, she said.

Youth Parliament Founding Chairman Rizwan Jaffar said that for promoting an adequate level of tolerance in the society, it is important that individuals in any capacity should develop a sense of readily accepting each other values, perceptions and beliefs. He said that the role of government is of utmost importance in this regard as it is evident that whenever there exists a huge failure in the implementation of rule of law the people naturally becomes intolerant and frustrated on account of social injustices and discriminations.

Speaking at an event, PR & Communications head Amir Shahzad said that the objectives of organising such event is to educate the youth for creating an enduring harmony, tolerance and patience in the society by avoiding the elements of negativity and disapproval. The total youth population of our country is around three million and if this strength is utilised in the most effective way then Pakistan will be above all in every race.