HYDERABAD - Hyderabad police on Wednesday lodged a case against a student enrolled at a private English language tuition centre after he assaulted a teacher with the help of his associates during a class session in which minor children were also present. Police said they had lodged a case on the complaint of Adil Ghauri, the owner of the coaching centre, who nominated Faraz Ahmed, alias Sayam, son of Rashid Ahmed, and ten other as yet unidentified persons in the assault.

According to the attacker’s victim, Hasaan Sheikh, he had on Tuesday asked 23-year-old Faraz not to “spoil the environment of the classroom” during an English-language exam, to which the accused had reacted angrily.

Sheikh said that the student would not keep quiet and that his body language had “remained threatening” despite his advice to him. Sheikh alleged that Faraz had been about to attack him when other students intervened. The teacher said that the accused then left the classroom at 5pm, telling Sheikh to “stay in the institute” and threatening him that “he would teach him a lesson.”

Two hours later, Faraz returned with 10 unidentified persons and stormed a classroom where Sheikh was lecturing a group of students, which included minors.

“The principal also intervened and he also came under attack,” the teacher stated.

The attackers then left the centre after ransacking it.

Video footage of the attack, which was widely circulated on social media, shows the attackers storming a classroom where a lecture is underway.

As students in the class get up to intervene, at least four minor children seated in the front row are pushed around violently and their chairs are overturned. One boy appears to flee the classroom in terror as more men enter to assault the teacher. A minor girl is pushed around violently as one man assaults the students holding him off from the teacher.