ISLAMABAD - Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi in Tuesday’s National Assembly session ruled that those cursing the parliament should get the same treatment from the masses.

“Cursing the parliament will not be acceptable in a democratic setup,” the deputy speaker said in response to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s MNAs, who gave arguments defending the remarks made by the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, against the parliament. Abbasi asked the MNAs “to legislate against those violating the sanctity of the parliament”, so nobody dared to violate the sanctity of the parliament in the future.

“It is [the] duty of [the] parliamentarians to ensure sanctity as parliament was being cursed by some immature politicians without any reason,” he said.

The NA deputy speaker said that all lawmakers should respect the parliament.

The house saw rumpus in exchange of remarks between lawmakers belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). The PML-N MNAs were also joined by the PPP’s lawmakers during the verbal onslaught.  These lawmakers exchanged derogatory words in emotional tone against each other and on occasions the verbal brawl came very close to turning into fist fight.

The PPP and the treasury MNAs urged the PTI MNA Imran Khan to take back his disparaging remarks against the parliament.

Some lawmakers from the PTI including Shehryar Afridi even gathered around the podium of the speaker to criticise him for not giving them the floor.

The deputy speaker, interrupting the PTI MNA during his speech, went on to say that the mistake in the bill about clause related to Khatm-e-Nabuwwat was immediately rectified, when it was pointed out.

“Don’t pass remarks against the chair and there should be legislation to ensure the sanctity of the parliament so nobody could dare pass [derogatory] remarks. One should understand [the] difference between [the] parliament and [a] drawing room,” he said, and expunged some remarks of the PTI MNAs.

Shehryar Afridi, while defending his party’s chairman’s remarks about the parliament, said that those remarks were passed in some other context.

“Lawlessness, poverty, unemployment and immoral activities are on the rise, and the parliament has been engaged in passing law just to facilitate a single person,” he said, indirectly defending the remarks made by Imran Khan. “When people in [the] parliament will tell lie and engage in looting then they would face divine curse,” Afridi said, amid criticism from both treasury and the opposition benches.

PMAP chief Mehmood Achakzai proposed that to hold debate on discussing sanctity of the parliament.

“One or two days of debate should be carried out to resolve the issue amicably and nobody should get emotional,” he said.

Abdul Sattar Bachani came down hard on PTI lawmakers for defending the remarks of Imran Khan.

“Don’t give them floor as they cursed the parliament,” said Bachani and passed same disparaging remarks for those cursing the parliament.

Another MNA Amir Dogar said that they had not been given floor for the last four days to speak on the issue about resolution passed against Imran Khan.

“I will not take your dictation,” he responded to the chair, adding that this house member had termed Sheikh Mujeebur Rahman as his hero but no action was taken against him.

“Why insulting remarks were passed against other institutions including the judiciary,” he said.

MQM’s Sajid Ahmed also condemned remarks against the parliament.

“If parliament is so bad then they [the PTI] should curse their salaries by immediately tendering resignations from the parliament,” he said. The PML-N’s Raza Hayat Hiraj said that there should not be exchange of “curses” between lawmakers.

“Use of this word doesn’t suit parliament,” he said.

Earlier, the proceedings of the house remained suspended due to lack of quorum for around 45 minutes.

The National Database and Registration Authority (Amendment) bill 2018, introduced by MQM’s Saman Sultana Jafri was also introduced before the house.