ISLAMABAD - Speaker National assembly Asad Qaiser on Tuesday agreed that a parliamentary committee be constituted to make recommendations for resolution of socio-economic issues faced by the people of Balochistan.

“The present government is committed to resolve all socio-economic issues faced by the largest province,” said Speaker National Assembly Asad Speaker, in a meeting with BNP (Mengal) Chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal.

Mengal had already presented six-point demands to the incumbent government related to the development Balochistan provinces. He had strongly criticised the PTI-led government for not initiating proper process to implement its six-point demands, even after passing eight months.

Speaker NA, in a meeting, assured BNP (Chief) for extending educational and health facilities and infra-structure development to all the area of the province is the top priority of the present government. He further that sustainable development of Balochistan was imperative for progress and prosperity of Pakistan. “The present government is bent upon to resolve all socio-economic issues faced by the largest province,” he said.

Mengal proposes special parliamentary committee

Earlier, Sardar Akhtar Mengal proposed for constituting a Special Parliamentary Committee to resolve the issues in Balochistan. He said that the people of Balochistan have great expectations from this government as they deserve special focus of the incumbent government. He said that Balochistan demands the attention of all irrespective of party differences. He agreed that development of Balochistan was the development of Pakistan.

BNP (Mengal) chief, around a month before, had criticised PTI’s government for not constitution a committee to watch the progress of work and implementation on six-point demands related to the deprivation of Balochistan after passing eight months.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal , soon after becoming allied partner of incumbent had submitted a six-point plan in order to create an environment of truth and reconciliation for resolving the conflict in his province.

According to the six points, Mengal demanded all overt and covert military operations against the Baloch should end and all missing persons should be produced.  All proxy death squads, he said, should be disbanded and Baloch nationalist parties should be allowed free political play without interference. He also demanded those responsible for the killings and disappearances should be brought to book and thousands of Baloch displaced by the conflict should be rehabilitated.