Referencing a criminal anti-people act by FBR and Federal Government to promote smoking by reducing proposed tax from Rs 44 per pack suggested by Ministry of National Health Services to only Rs16. Every developed country in the West, which coincidently has choice of residence and immigration for ruling elite of this country, additional taxes have been imposed on cigarettes to make them beyond buying power of their younger generation and middle class. Worldwide laws have been implemented making it mandatory on cigarette manufactures to print discouraging pictures of cancer infected individuals on the covers of every cigarette pack in addition of imposing huge taxes to dissuade smoking. Such laws exist on paper in Pakistan but neither have suggested exorbitant taxes been levied, nor images of scary tobacco induced cancer infection printed on cigarette packs. 

Through columns of your newspaper I appeal to PM and Finance Minister to immediately intervene otherwise they should fear wrath of Almighty. It is a proven medical and scientific fact that smoking kills and causes cancer. Countries where public health is a priority and where State subsidizes provision of quality medical treatment to its citizens, the strategy is to raise taxation on cigarettes. But it seems that FBR and Federal Government are more concerned about revenues earned by cigarette manufacturers than lives and health of citizens. So powerful is Tobacco Industry in Pakistan that not only cigarettes prices are amongst lowest in the world, but FBR was in haste to issue an SRO to facilitate their sales. May I suggest that instead of promoting fatalities through prolonged suffering of cancer inflictions by smoking, the FBR should consider giving tax incentives to those who wants to commit suicide? 


Lahore, June 3.