One member after another of Pakistan People’s Party is joining Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. Babar Awan is set to change camp on the heels of Firdous Ashiq and Nazar Gondal. Three prominent leaders of PPP joining PTI tells one a lot about the disenchantment of the party workers from those who are running the party affairs. Or maybe it is just good old personal political ambition making these stalwarts jump ship. 

But the question remains; will these “electables” secure maximum seats for Imran Khan or will the next elections be a repeat of the 2013 one? Considering strong support among the masses that Nazar Gondal and Ms Awan have, if the likes of them join PTI, then it will be difficult for PML-N to enjoy a clear majority in the parliament.

In order to secure power in the centre, Punjab is the main battleground. PTI and PML are only focusing on Punjab. No serious attention is given to Sindh, Balochistan and KPK. This attitude on the part of power hungry politicians will prove disastrous for Pakistan, and it is a clear rejection of the principle of federalism, and the power that PTI and PPP could wield, successfully and fairly in KP and Sindh. Punjab will continue to be the centre of power, unless these politicians themselves decide otherwise. 

As far as Babar Awan is concerned, will he work for the party as a normal worker, who earnest believes that the PTI has a better ideology and cause than the PPP, or will he and other PPP renegades rule from the top? We know the answer; it is no secret that everyone prefers shortcuts to reach the power corridors. This is personal.

However, Babar Awan is known as a skilled negotiator. He is also someone who enjoys warm relations with members and workers of not only his own party but also with his opponents. If PTI gives him the task of bringing in more “electables” from his former party or even opposition parties, he can easily charm the candidates with his rhetoric and argumentation. With another major defection, the PPP’s days are numbered.