LAHORE - An online fashion store is hosting a two-day Eid Fest in Lahore starting from today, June 24th.

Eid festivities are not going to be the same as it was traditionally celebrated in past year as this fest aims to revitalise the Eid sprit by offering mehdni, bangles and Eid jubilation under one roof.

It will be held in the cool comfort and secure environment of the air-conditioned marquees at the Royal Palm Golf & Country Club.

Anush Ammar, a young Standford graduate, is the brain behind She has curated the concept of fashion, food, fun & technology - all coming together in one fabulous event.

Presenting some of the most sought after fashion designers of Pakistan, alongside delicious food and fashion accessories, Fabbitt is ensuring that Lahoris can gather at one place to regain the lost spirit of Eid.

Elan, Faraz Manan, Fahad Hussayn, Ivy, Farah Talib Aziz, Neemar Jewels, Republic, Zara Shahjahan, Amrapali, Maria B, Uptown, Khaadi, Bareeeze’ Men, Entertainer will all be participating in different capacities.

The event will be held on the 24th and 25th of June 2017 from 5:00pm to 3:00am. It is a family only event, where single men will not be allowed.  Finja CEO Qasif Shahid, sharing her expectation from the Eid Fest, said that this is an excellent opportunity for the masses to gather at one place. “We want to build bridges between our tech savvy target market and a platform like this.

“Eid Fest is a wonderful initiative which primarily aims to revive the traditional spirit of chand raat where families used to gather together and celebrate festive occasions with enthusiasm,” she told The Nation.

“Eid Fest is providing a platform for everyone from all over the city to enjoy and celebrate Eid festivities with the grandeur and vitality that the holiday demands,” she added.

“Aiming to become a one-stop shop, the festival boasts a wide range of fashion accessories, designer clothes and food all under one roof so that all can celebrate Eid the way it is supposed to be celebrated - with loved ones,” said Anush Ammar, CEO oof


People of all ages including women and children are filling in the markets ahead of Eidul Fitr arriving in the start of next week.

The shopping starts from Iftari and continues in late hours. .

Heavy rush could be witnessed near Anarkali, Model town bazaar, Sadaar Bazaar, Ichara, Panorama shopping mall and in others markets on Friday. While a number of shopkeepers are selling special Eid stuff at very high price because brands are going out of stock, different colourful stalls in big bazaars are becoming the only alternative left for the less privileged as they offer clothes, shoes and other items at relatively cheaper rates.

Akbar Khan, a shopkeeper at Anarkali bazaar, told The Nation: “In start of the holy month of fasting, I was really upset because there was no sale. But in the last week the turnover of audience is amazing.

“Eid is a festival on which everyone purchases new clothes and in these days, we generate good business,” he added.

“Eid shopping is gaining momentum as majority of buyers are coming for shopping after Iftar and taking interest in lawn suit and handmade shoes,” said Faisal Bajwa, a shopkeeper in Ichra Bazaar.

Arhum Farid, a housewife who was present at Liberty market, said: “Different varieties of lawns are spreading like fire these days in the markets and brands are coming up with appealing designs in both stitched and unstitched category.”

“The shopkeepers in Liberty market are charging 500,700 per outfit and there is no check on them,” shared the lady shopper.

With rise of buyers, massive traffic jams in the city’s busy market places were also seen with people claiming that the traffic wardens were imposing fines just to make their Eidi.