Some well fed intellectuals have criticised the fruit boycott as a mark of sympathy with vendors but they did not condemn the unethical increase in prices. Far more in number, the customers have no sympathy for vendors who are last in the chain of black marketers and deceive customers as best as they can. Only some strong action can have some effect in an unethical fruit business community. 

It is not correct to say that only the vendor will suffer and black marketing will not be disturbed. In fact, everyone involved in fruit black marketing will suffer. Substantial quantity of fruit will either rot or lose freshness in this heat wave whether in stores or on trees. This boycott should shake up the black marketers to obviate further boycotts. This should also warn black marketers of other common consumer items in Ramazan. 

I hope boycotts are better organised in future. But organisers will have to calculate fair prices of various items. 


Rawalpindi, June 4.