SIALKOT   -   Hundreds of factory workers took to roads against non-payment of salaries by the factory owners for the last several months.

They staged a sit-in in front of a factory near Saahowala and lodged a very strong protest against the factory owners for not paying salaries to the industrial workers for the last several months. They also chanted slogans.

Talking to media, they said that it had become very hard for them to both ends meet due to non-payment of their salaries. The protesting workers kept the traffic blocked for two hours by burning tyres on main Sialkot-Sambrial-Wazirabad Road. Local police reached the spot and restored the traffic by removing all the barriers. It infuriated the workers, and they scuffled with policemen.

The police baton charged the workers; they responded by pelting policemen with bricks. At least 16 workers were injured in this clash; some of them had sustained severe head injuries.

Later, talking to media, the workers announced to lock up the factory from Monday if their salaries were not paid. The factory management, on the other hand, avoided any comment on the issue.


Five dacoits looted valuables worth Rs1.5 million during a house robbery in village Kaakeywali-Syedaanwali, Sialkot tehsil, here on Saturday.

According to police, the accused held hostage the house security guard and barged into the house. They looted cash, gold ornaments, cell phones and other valuable items worth Rs1.5 million and fled after locking the family members in separate rooms. Sialkot Saddr police registered a case with no arrest so far.