KARACHI There could be a number of reasons for Pakistans lackluster performance at New Delhi World Hockey Cup but two main factors fatigue and failure to convert PC stand out brazenly for teams unexpected 12th ranking. Recently, the Pakistan Hokey Federation officially admitted that the players were not fit enough for the mega event because months before the world event, the Pakistani team was involved in international hockey activity as preparation for the cup which took heavy toll on the physical fitness of the players and left them fatigued. Pakistans known PC converter Sohail Abbas also failed to click which had negative effect on teams goal scoring. Pakistans defensive approach to matches also impacted teams performance. According to information available here, the 12th edition of the elite championship was the most high scoring championship in its history producing 199 goals in 38 matches with an average of 5.24 goals per match. Conversion of PCs yielded most 78 goals out of the total 199 scored. In the 2006 edition, out of maximum 174 goals scored only 46 came from PCs. The reason behind huge number of goals is being attributed to attacking hockey played by the teams in the 14-day event which was financially highly profitable for the FIH. The FIH has been so immensely impressed by the money generated by the World Cup in India that it has now decided to allot one major FIH event once a year to India. The average of 4.98 goals per match in the 1998 edition was the highest before New Delhi World Cup, whereas the last two editions in 2002 and 2006 had seen average goals of 4.17 and 4.14 respectively. This edition had seen many high-scoring matches, the most goals coming from Australias 12-0 mauling of South Africa, which was a new record for the biggest win surpassing the 12-3 defeat of New Zealand by Pakistan in 1982. This World Cup has seen four draws from the 38 matches. The least scoring match in this World Cup was Argentina beating New Zealand 1-0 in a Pool A match. This World Cup also produced more goals from penalty corners - 78 out of total 199 goals - as compared to 46 (out of 174) in the 2006 edition. Star Dutch drag flicker Taeke Taekema and another penalty corner specialist Australian Luke Doerner ended as joint highest scorer with eight goals to their credit. Taekema scored seven goals from penalty corners and one from penalty stroke. Doerner scored all his eight goals from penalty corners.