LAHORE - Wahga stadium presented a festive look on Tuesday evening as thousands of people including Awami Mahaz activists thronged the venue to participate in the flag lowering ceremony on Pakistan Day. Director General Rangers Punjab Major General Muhammad Yaqub was the chief guest. While waving Pakistani flags, highly charged participants including women and children raised slogans 'Long Live Pakistan during parade of Rangers jawans, outsmarting the participants of the ceremony on the other side of the border. Balloons carrying banners inscribed with slogans like 'Le Ke Rahain Ge Kashmir and 'Long Live Pakistan were set loose in the air, majority of them sailed to the other side of the border. Women and children dressed in colorful cloths supported the male participants with full throat slogans to express their love for the country. Even elderly people, some sitting on wheelchair, attended the ceremony to express patriotism. Before and after the parade, singer Jassi Singh and Waris Baig enthralled the vocal participants with national songs. Talking to the newsmen after the flag lowering ceremony, Director General Rangers Muhammad Yaqub said that the jawans were well prepared to face any challenge. Appreciating the spirit of Rangers jawans and the participants, he said that such ceremonies should be organized as these help stimulating nationalism. 'Rulers should render sacrifices for country Leaders of PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) have said that it is need of the hour that rulers should render sacrifices for the good of the country instead of asking sacrifices from the masses. Like-Minded leaders including Mian Asif, Iqbal Dar, Nasir Jutt and others expressed these views while addressing a meeting in connection with Pakistan Day at party office on Tuesday. Mian Asif on behalf of the Like-Minded announced that they would not get any perks and privileges if they come into power. He said their party not only end the culture of Government Officers Residences (GORs) but they would also cut the huge petrol allowances of the bureaucracy that costs the nation Rs 100 billion a year. Iqbal Dar said it was call of the hour that all the political parties especially the Muslim Leagues should get united to steer the country out of the existing crises.