ISLAMABAD - Marking Pakistan Day, the National Highway and Motorways Police on Tuesday organised a solidarity bike rally at Ravi Toll Plaza. The Government has successfully completed its two years. In these two years, it has successfully developed consensus on the NFC award, made enormous efforts towards the elimination of terrorism and given freedom to the media, said Syed Samsam Ali Bukhari, Minister of State for Information on the occasion. He said the permission regarding entry of the heavy bikes on the Motorway is given from Tuesday (23 March), adding that he said this permission is being given as a pilot project. He further said the NH&MP is doing excellent services regarding the national solidarity. Chaudhry Imtiaz Safder Warrich, Minister of State Communication, said that the nation had proud of the performance of NH&MP. The nation recognised the lively and courageous attitude of this department. Ex-CM Punjab and Punjab Minister of Local Bodies Sardar Dost Muhammed Khosa, IG NH&MP Dr Wasim Kauser, DIG Syed Ibne Hussain, DIG Dr Muhammed Shafiq, A/DIG Muhammed Ali Nekora, SSP Nisar Soriya, members of the civil society and Biker Club were also present on the occasion. Imtiaz Safder Warrich said the NH&MP is the force, which is contributing its best parts for promotion of the national solidarity. He said that the nation also recognised the daring steps for elimination of terrorism taken by the Government. Dr Wasim Kauser, Inspector General of NH&MP, said that the motorbikes of 500cc and above would be allowed to ply on the Motorway with a special kit. The bikers aged 25 and above would be allowed to ply heavy bikes on the Motorway. The heavy bikers would first get themselves registered with the NH&MP and then would be permitted to ply on the Motorway. The NH&MP would also hold mechanical fitness tests of the bikers after that the cards would be issued to them. The IG further said an SOP has been devised under which heavy bikes would ply on first lane and second lane would be used for overtaking. Dr Wasim Kauser further said this would be run as a pilot project and if this move created problem on the Motorway, the bikers would be banned. The NH&MP would be ready to check violations on heavy bikes and for quick response in the case of emergency. Fines and tickets would also be imposed in the case of violations. Dr Wasim Kauser further said the NH&MP has enough capabilities to implement the rules and regulation. Dr M Shafiq DIG M-2 also spoke on the occasion and said the bikers would be allowed to ply on the Motorway after meeting registration, route and fitness criteria.