ISLAMABAD - Police in the Federal Capital on Tuesday rounded up 30 suspects during different search operations in various areas of the city. Police also arrested eight outlaws and recovered 43 wine bottles, three pistols and 500 gram hashish from their possession. A spokesman for Islamabad police said that a team of Margalla police conducted search operation in Karchi Company as well as sector G-8 and arrested 15 suspects. Whereas, Shehzad Town police arrested five suspects during search operation in the area of Shakrial while Golra police apprehended 10 suspects and one proclaimed offender during search operation in different slum areas including Golra-Dhok Kashmirian, Mira Jaffer and Mira Badia. Meanwhile, Sihala police an accused Waseem Hassan during routine patrolling and recovered 30-bore pistol and five rounds from his possession while an accused Sartaj Khan was also arrested by Sabzi Mandi police and police recovered a 30-bore pistol from him. Similarly, Shalimar police recovered 36 wine bottles from two bootleggers identified as Javed Gayl and Daivd while Koral police arrested Anwar for possessing six wine bottles. In another case Koral police arrested a drug pusher identified as Waqar and recovered 500 gram hashish from him. Meanwhile, Shehzad Town police arrested two accused Usman Mushtaq and Shahid for possessing 30 bore pistol and one wine bottle respectively.