LAHORE (PPI) - Industrial activity in the Lahore Township Industrial area is fast heading towards a total halt due to repeated power outages and acute shortage of electricity. This was stated by PIAF Chairman Irfan Qaiser Sheikh and Vice Chairman Iqbal Baig Chughtai in a statement issued here Sunday. The PIAF office-bearers said that ongoing situation was forcing the businessmen to shift their operations to other countries therefore it was imperative for the government to take a serious note of the scenario for the sake of economic revival of the country. They said that continuous supply of gas, electricity and conducive business atmosphere were the only way to stop the flight of capital as in the absence of these important industrial inputs it was not possible for the business community t keep the industrial wheel on the run. They claimed that such an attitude of the rulers was discouraging the investors and industrialists. The PIAF office-bearers said that it was agreed with the LESCO officials that power supply to township industrial area would be discontinued only for 4:00 pm to 12:00 pm but unfortunately they could not keep their words and now the Industrial units in the area had to face extra two to three hours loadshedding other than the promised time. They said that no unit could meet its production target in such a short time of electricity supply. It has become impossible for the industrialists to run their units for short times and continue paying wages to the employees and contribute to the exchequer in shape of heavy taxes. If the government fails to take corrective measures in shortest possible time, then pace of capital flight and shifting industrial units to favourable countries would be accelerated, they warned. The PIAF office-bearers said that time and again increase in electricity prices between July 2009 and January 2010 as per countrys agreements with international donor agencies and expected six percent increase next month had also increased the input cost to add further to the woes of the industrialists. This hike would render the Pakistani goods uncompetitive in the international market. Reacting to government apathy towards a fire incident at a big chemical unit in Lahore Township Industrial Area as a result of which the entire unit turned to ashes in a matter of minutes and the owner suffered a loss of millions of rupees, they said that those who were sitting at the helm of affairs should at least visit the area and console the industrialists if they unable to compensate them. They appealed to the Chief Minister Punjab to visit the affected chemical unit to console with the industrialists as he was trying to lay a network of good roads in the province and providing other infrastructure. They said that some early steps for assisting the affected industrialists are also direly needed. He proposed that a fund should be set up at Provincial level to assist the units affected due to fire or any other emergencies and steps to lower burden of loans and other levies. They also suggested that impediments in the way of generating power locally should also be removed to develop Industry in Punjab and resolving the problem of joblessness.