ISLAMABAD (Online) As many as 100 students from Karakorum University, Gilgit-Baltistan and NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology, Multan, vowed Tuesday morning to implement solemn resolutions they make for country in practical terms. Speaking at a symposium in connection with the celebration of Pakistan Day at the Pakistan Youth Hostel Association (PYHA) building the gathering of students and teachers also promised to shed their mutual differences. It was the greatest bane of the country, said they. In another resolution, adopted at the symposium, the gathering promised not to destroy public property because such destructive activities brought inconveniences to the poor people. A fourth year girl, Salma Abbas, of the Karakorum University, Gilgit, created quite a stir in the audience after she walked up the dais to make her say, and urged her colleagues saying that Pakistan Day being an occasion of national reflection, the student community should not only make resolution but translate their promise in practical life to give substance to their promise to create a better nation. The audience clapped in recognition of Salmas courage. She came from an undeveloped area and had acquired confidence to address a sufficiently large gathering. The people in the audience interpreted as a sign of advancement of women folk but an evidence also that the new crated province (Gilgit-Baltistan) had come a long way and gathered courage to deal effectively with their problems. Number of male students also spoke at the symposium, including Khalid Arshad, Mohsin Ali as well as Gulzar Khan, Associate Prof, Engineering, from Multan. Tahir Khakwani, also from Multan, in his speech demanded equal rights for rich and poor children. He said the discrimination against students from the rural and disadvantaged area must cease forthwith in the light of the constitution. PYHAs Hony Secretary, Agha Afzal Hussain explained the genesis of Pakistan movement to the gathering of students and teachers.