LAHORE: Punjabi National Conference (PNC) chairman Nazeer Kahut said on Tuesday that Punjabis played a major role in the struggle for independence but the Punjabi language was ignored after the creation of Pakistan, says a Press release. He said a conspiracy was being hatched to divide the province of Punjab. Speaking at a gathering held here to pay tributes to Bhagat Singh, Nazeer Kahut said the sacrifices of Punjab and Sindh in the war of independence were ignored after independence. Nazeer Kahut said Pakistan, which came into being due the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the sacrifices of the people, was hijacked by the feudal lords, vaderas and pirs. He said the rights of the Punjabi people and Punjabi language were being trampled even today. Pakistan is in the clutches of East India Company and its agents are again on the rampage, he said, declaring that time had come for 170 million people to take to the streets to get rid of oppressors. Nazeer Kahut paid rich tribute to Bhagat Singh and said he was the brave leader of Punjab who raised the slogan of independence against the British rule. He demanded that Shadman Chowk be renamed as Bhagat Singh Shaheed Chowk.