Pakistan Day was celebrated across Azad Jammu Kashmir with great enthusiasm, traditional fervour, reaffirming the resolve to smash the manacles of tyrannical Indian invaders - making them to quit the illegitimately held part of the paradise on earth instantaneously.

The day dawned with special prayers at Fajr in the masques on both sides of LoC, by bowing before Almighty Allah, for the evaporation of the obstacle so that Kashmiris could establish interaction with each other freely - which is palpable only with the exit of the intruders -the Indian troops from the occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In AJK people observed the day in a befitting manner. Pakistan and AJK flags were hoisted atop small and major private and public buildings. Various private social, political and public representative organizations managed special programmes to celebrate the day.

All the three Azad Jammu Kashmir radio stations of Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Tararkheil aired special programmes, highlighting the importance of the historic day of March 23, 1940 when Muslims of the subcontinent unanimously decided to bring about their separate homeland - Pakistan by passing historic Pakistan Resolution.