Gulshan-e-Ravi is one of the oldest schemes of Lahore Development Authority. It was started in early 1980’s for purely residential purposes for the serving and retired employees of various class. In this scheme, commercial markets, including two or three marriage halls were approved and constructed in the specified Block E, known as Moon Market. The construction on almost all plots of this scheme is now completed. After this many owners of the plots situated on the both side of the main Boulevard Road have started to sell their land for commercial purposes, such as marriage halls with a result that more than thirty marriage halls have been constructed so for. This is only due to change of policy of the LDA in conversion of residential plots into commercial ones in every block on payment of fee and other unknown charges for issuance of NOC. The LDA is a responsible department of the Punjab Government and initially there were no rules which allowed commercial enterprises in residential areas, except when they were already approved and specified in the building plan of the scheme.

The foremost responsibility of LDA is to provide basic facilities to the residents and redress their problems but it seems that the authority has adopted a liberal policy for issuance of NOC for commercial purposes in every block to gain more money. Moreover, it has been seen that City District Government and LDA staff are taking notices of all unauthorized encroachments and illegal occupation by many venders, fruit merchants on the main road. This action is appreciated, but it is brought to the notice of concerned authority that many owners in various blocks, have made illegal encroachment of their plot and built their construction by violating their sanctioned plan and extended their houses.

The residents are suffering from this mushroom growth of marriage halls on the main road from Samanabad to Bund Road, which generally remains blocked due to cars and motor cycles parked there during the time when a marriage is going on. LESCO is not left behind and enjoys load shedding after every hour in the entire scheme due to commercial markets and marriage halls. Because of the marriage halls the area abounds with street criminals.

The LDA authority is requested to look into this problems and not to issue NOCs to any more marriage halls and also take necessary action against residents who have violated their sanctioned plans.


Lahore, March 17.