LAHORE - Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), under the leadership of its chief Hafiz Saeed, organised Revival of Nazaria-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Ideology) marches across the county on Sunday to mark the Pakistan Day.

Speakers at a march cum public meeting organised by JuD in Lahore pledged to forge a broad based unity by rising above sectarianism, provincialism and ethnicity. They said all political and religio-political parties were united for protection of Ideology of Pakistan.

The march participated by large number JuD workers and others started from Minar-i-Pakistan and culminated at Lahore High Court Chowk, The Mall. The JuD is a religious group with its own sectarian colour that is known for its anti-India stance and has been accused for various acts of terrorism including the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

HuD chief Hafiz Saeed in his speech said the march was just a beginning of a movement for three main objectives. First, enforcement of Sharia in the country, as it was the basic aim of establishment of Pakistan. Second, achieving unity of the nation by ending political and religious divisions, which have been created by self-centred leaders. Third, getting all due shares of Pakistan which India has been denying to it – including Kashmir and water share.

The JuD chief said today seriousness was needed to cope with the problems being faced by the country. He said it was the day to pledge the revival of ideology of Pakistan. He said violence was now on its peak in the country. He said the first step in putting the things right was elimination of violence, adding that Islam did not permit violence.

Saeed said there were a number of sects in 1940s too but they got united under the leadership of Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for a higher purpose. He said they would invite to the leaders of all sects and would try to convince them for unity as all the Muslims were one. Due to internal differences, he said, the enemies had gotten opportunity to fulfil their agendas.

Saeed said they were ready for any sacrifice for securing the rights of the country which India has been denying to her since independence. But, first of all “we have to put our own house in order”. He said in this regard they would try to convince rulers and politicians to mend their ways.

On the occasion, JUI-S Secretary General Abdur Raof Farooqi said that Muslims had rendered numerous sacrifices for Pakistan and no one should make a mockery of these sacrifices. Making a model Islamic country was the only slogan during the Pakistan Movement and it is what the Pakistan’s Ideology stands for, he said and added that in order to achieve the aims of Nazaria-e-Pakistan, enforcement of Sharia in the country was necessary.

JI deputy secretary general Farid Piracha while lauding JuD and Hafiz Saeed for holding such an impressive show said that the show reminded the enthusiasm of Pakistan Movement. He said today, the rulers were in rush for giving IMF status to India. He said the sacrifices of Kashmiris were being forgotten in the name of trade. On the other hand, he said, some people were trying to exclude Pakistan Studies form syllabus. He said Pakistan was secured in the name of Islam and completion of Pakistan would be achieved when Kashimir would be included in it. PML-N MNA Malik Rashid Ahmed said that the huge gathering depicted that even today people were with the Pakistan Ideology.

Earlier, a bike rally led the marchers towards its destination. Strict security measures were taken as some 3,000 volunteers guarded the marchers thought out their way. Besides, JuD volunteers, heavy police contingents were deployed to avoid any untoward incident while the City Traffic Police blocked Mall road from Lahore High Court Chowk to Anarkali Chowk. The marchers were welcomed by lawyers and traders at LHC Chowk where as stage was set up for the speakers, who also included JUP Punjab President Qari Zawar Bahadur, LHC Bar Association President Shafqat Chuhan and Ibtisaam Ilahi Zaheer.