Srinagar- Kashmir students at Meewar University, who were allegedly thrashed and harassed by local students, have been provided security.  

A Kashmiri student had complained that he and his classmates had been inside their rooms for a whole day and didn't attend classes fearing attacks from the local students.

Hamid Bukhari, who facilitates admissions of the Kashmiri students in the varsity under Prime Minister's scholarship scheme through Director Research and Development Office J&K, has also arrived in Rajasthan to observe the situation. "It was a minor scuffle between two students and the issue was sorted out peacefully." He said. "I met varsity, police officials and prominent citizens of the area who assured full security to the Kashmiri students.I met students and enquired about the incident. I visited the hostel rooms of almost all the Kashmiri students," he said.

However, a Kashmir B-Tech student from the varsity denied that the facilitator met them. "We heard about the facilitator's visit. But he didn't meet us," the student said. At least twelve Kashmir students sustained injuries after a fight erupted over India and Pakistan cricket match before the Friday congregational prayers at the varsity.

The warden of the varsity said that the investigations have been taken by the University authorities over Friday's scuffle in which 12 Kashmir students were reportedly injured. "Today officials of the university held a meeting and chief proctor KD Khilji was appointed as the investigative officer to enquire the incident," he said."We all are living here as one family."