WASHINGTON - US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the United States will continue to work with Pakistan on areas of mutual interest, from combating the forces of extremism, to bolstering our economies and those of the region, to helping Pakistan address its energy challenges, to increasing access to education.

In a statement on the occasion of Pakistan Day on Sunday, John Kerry said US relationship is strong because our people-to-people ties with Pakistan are growing even stronger through the thousands of professional and academic exchanges that take place between our countries each year.

Extending warm wishes on behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States to the government and people of Pakistan on the 74th anniversary of the signing of the Lahore Resolution, Secretary Kerry said building stronger ties with the people of Pakistan has long been his deep personal commitment.

He said he was privileged to sponsor what came to be known as the Kerry-Lugar-Berman bill in Congress, which provided significant economic assistance to the people of Pakistan beginning several years ago.

President Obama and he were pleased to welcome Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Washington last year, a visit that highlighted the strength of our relationship and our commitment to partnership. That’s why we reinvigorated our Strategic Dialogue based on shared priorities.

John Kerry said he visited Pakistan many times, both as a Senator and as Secretary of State and experienced firsthand the extraordinary hospitality and friendship that the people of Pakistan have to offer. “We all have a stake in Pakistan’s success, just as Pakistan has a stake in ours” Kerry said.

Meanwhile, Pakistan-United States are expected to hold talks covering economic issues in the first week of April.

The Pakistani delegation would be led by Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, who would deliberate over economic-industrial cooperation and mutual investment in the dialogue to be carried through April 8th to 10th.

The finance minister is also expected to raise the specific issue of Coalition Support Fund reimbursements during the talks, while the issue of possible access of Pakistani products to the American markets would also be deliberated.