Every country faces calamities, man-made and natural. Most of them come up with plans to counter them to save their people from harm. For example, Japan is in a large earthquake range and I am sure they have planned for many kinds of crises. Pakistan has seen floods again and again and yet still has no proper ‘Crisis Management Cell.’ The recent deaths in Tharparkar have given rise to more pessimism in Pakistan. The draughts were predicted and should have been handled easily.

Tharparkar is a desert where food and water is scarce, but all over the world such areas have seen development, where water was brought by pipes for people to drink and canals for agriculture. Why has the democratic government of the previous one decade only spent money on themselves and made laws giving them lifelong perks but has done nothing to bring progress to one area?

Karachi is burning, Quetta is estranged and FATA is a battle field. So what are the 270 members of the National Assembly doing? What kind of ‘crises management cell’ have they made? Is it another door of opportunity for some one’s uncle, brother, cousin or friend? How come no one was held accountable when thousands of bags of wheat were discovered in warehouses? Is there no shame or humanity left in Pakistan? The common people of Pakistan only pray to Allah that He should send one disease that strikes the rich and influential and then we will see speedy and efficient ‘Crisis Management’ as we saw when Dengue struck in Punjab. As it also effected the rich, the CM was on his toes saving the lives of the affluent!


Karachi, March 19.