LAHORE - Stability in prices of major vegetables was witnessed this week in Sunday bazaars as well as in the open market except tomato rates which have surged again. In the same way surging trend of fruit rates continued with their poor quality.

There was shortage of tomato in Sunday bazaars due to high rates while the same item of poor quality was available for Rs90-100 per kg in open market’s different areas. The rate of potato increased to Rs40 per kg in Sunday bazaars with prices of Rs50 per kg in open market. The rate of carrot has also increased to Rs30 per kg in open market as well as in Sunday bazaars due to end of its season.

low quality fruits and vegetables continued to be sold in the makeshift markets of the city at the higher than the official rates. However, in open market some better quality vegetables and fruits were available at lower rates as compared to the makeshift markets of the city. In some makeshift markets overcharging was also witnessed while B-grade and rotten items were being sold too. Shoppers were of the view that overcharging was continuing in the makeshift markets in connivance with the government staff. The makeshift markets established with the basic objective of providing relief to the consumers have now become the places to fleece the people, as vendors have a free hand to overcharge the customers.

The prices of potatoes and onion increased and the prices of ginger and green chilies remained stable. In fruits, the prices of pomegranate and guava increased while the prices of apples decreased. The price of potatoes increased by Rs5 per kg and they were sold for Rs40 per kg. The price of cucumber increased by Rs2 per kg and they were sold for Rs22 per kg. The prices of ginger remained Rs232 per kg while garlic price decreased Rs5 per kg and it was sold for Rs125 per kg.

 The prices of onions also showed an upward trend and they were sold for Rs30 per kg. The price of lemon also increased by Rs 5 per kg and it was available for Rs60 per kg. The number of customers also remained thin and the sales of shopkeepers was not so high. There was not much rush this time since it is the end of the month, said a shopkeeper.