A daylong training workshop was held for butchers, livestock traders and poultry sellers organised by Relief International as part of its Livestock for Life Project.

The objective of the training was raising awareness on Zoonosis and bio-safety for ensuring healthy and hygienic meat and fight out zoonosis. Veterinary Dr Muhammad Tayyab, Dr Arshad and Dr Sheikh Ahmad highlighted zoonotic diseases which transmit from animal to human and from human beings to animal. He said that butchers, poultry seller and livestock traders were invited to the training workshop to sensitize them to adopt precautionary measurement so that to save human life from Zoonotic diseases which transmitted from animal and its waste to humans.

Another 10 days training is also being organised for live stock professionals to create awareness among the masses regarding zoonotic diseases among the masses, especially in women folk because they have close contact with animals. On the occasion, experts said that there were some common diseases like TB, bird flue, rabies and anthrax etc which can easily transmit from each other even from animal. They emphasized on stakeholders to take precautionary measures before going near to cattle and save their lives from Zoonotic diseases.

On the occasion, some butchers complained against the TMA for poor sanitation system in slaughterhouse and even in market. As a result wastage of animal fell directly to river, contaminating river water.