ORAKZAI Agency In fresh clashes with the militants, the security forces killed 35 more miscreants in the various localities of Orakzai Agency here on Sunday. The number of militants killed reached fifty, after the security forces with the help of helicopters and jet planes pounded suspected hideouts of militants in the upper Orakzai Agency, and targeted Hadizai and Mamozai areas of the Agency. The fresh offensive resulted in killings of 35 militants, including a militant commander and about 30 militants were injured in the same strikes carried out on Sunday. According to the military sources, the aerial strikes against militants resulted in destruction of a training camp of militants, along with razing six dens and hideouts of militants in the area. It is relevant to mention here that the security forces have been taking on militants in Orakzai Agency for the last two months, and in the continued military operation in the region, more than nine hundred militants have been claimed to be killed, while dozens of their hideouts destroyed by the security forces in aid with aerial strikes from jet planes and helicopters.