LONDON The Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL), a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and judges in UK has urged the Pakistani government to abstain maligning Islamic teachings into an immunity question in the wake of SC hearing of 25 May 2010 as it can stir riots and unnecessary law and order situation. In a meeting held here, the APL condemned the ignorant statement of Government disrespecting and bringing the Islamic heritage, traditions and Quran law into questionable position of disrepute and ridicule. Those infected with verbal diarrhea must be advised to remain cautious and mindful of the situation as a little careless, this simple legal debate may turn into a common onslaught insulting & hurting millions around and triggering riots. So careful statements on this question of law is the key to save Govt, prestige and action from contempt of court and public sentiments as its spillover effect may be disastrous for state, the govt, and public -govt relations. While addressing the meeting, APL chairman Barrister Amjad Malik warned that bringing Islamic traditions and teachings into parallel of current 'immunity debate using foul language may incite religious hatred and Government may be done on question of playing with ordinary peoples lives and sentiments rather than solving their day to day problems of water, sugar, flour, gas and electricity shortage. He said that question of immunity is based on common law as well as international law, and Pakistan has developed constitution based on different principles including British Empires then legislation and anti-Islamic legislation is not permitted by the constitution (Art.2A). Malik said that parity is maintained by keeping in view the international law, UN convention and sovereign immunity which is enjoyed reciprocally by heads of state who visits our country. If we cannot arrest them at our soil, they must not be allowed to arrest our head of state when we visit them, the notion quite obvious in practice that Iranian President flouts USA administration sitting in the heart of New York and is protected by sovereign immunity. He said that it does not mean a President can get away with everything if his wrong doings become a matter of public interest, in that case only Supreme Court can determine the extent to which his 'immunity is stretched and enjoyed under Art.248, and above all for past offences it is quite a simple interpretation by Superior Court whether immunity is extended to it or not once NRO is lifted by declaring it unlawful ab initio. Government must not turn a simple question of law into a theatrical performable of 'Othello, kill and be killed, he added.