ISLAMABAD Abbas Raza, a Pakistani-American citizen, who was the petitioner against Interior Minister Rehman Malik in a case filed in NAB, now has decided to file a criminal case against Malik and his Staff Officer Sajjad Haider in the US. Malik is accused of giving orders of an illegal raid at the house of Abbas Raza in 1994. In the incident, gold ornaments and cash were looted besides kidnapping of the petitioner. It is said that Malik had conducted the whole episode through Sajjad Haider, one of his close friends. According to Abbas Raza, currently he is consulting his US lawyers to initiate a criminal case against Rehman Malik in the US. Abbas Raza further said that Malik and others should be criminally charged and extradited to US. The complainant claimed that he was being pressurised to withdraw cases against Malik and others. It may be recalled here that during the raid, the raiding party had picked up Ahmed Ali Rizvi and Hashim Rizvi from their residence. However, after few hours, one of them was released. The party allegedly looted 20 tolas of jewellery worth Rs 700,000. The complainant further alleged that two persons in plainclothes snatched 20,000 US dollars from them. It was also stated by the complainant that Rehman Malik had implicated them in the fake cases to please his friend. Maliks cases were initially proceeded by the special court but transferred to the NAB court after the promulgation of NAB Ordinance in 1999. However, these were quashed after NRO and reopened when apex court terminated the NRO. Upon this, Hashim Raza and Abbas Raza, now residing in little Pakistan Brooklyn, New York started to initiate cases against Malik and his aide. If the apex court give me protection, I will provide more evidences against Rehman Malik and his cronies in Pakistan, one of the petitioners added. Sajjad Haider, who has spent years in self-exile with Rehman Malik, is being considered one the closest friends of Malik. By reinstating Sajjad Haider, the Interior Ministry had crossed its limits, as he was reinstated by hook and crook method. Earlier, Sajjad was dismissed as assistant director in 2001 over his misconduct. After the lapse of seven years, he had been reinstated with all the benefits. Later, he was dismissed by the Ministry after the apex court had terminated the NRO and particularly after the Ahmed Riaz Sheikhs episode. Besides others, he used to influence people to withdraw cases against Malik. Such nature of a case surfaced almost two months ago when Sajjad summoned Deputy Director Tariq Malik, who is enjoying good repute and being considered one of the honest officers in FIA. It may be recalled here that Tariq Malik was the same person, who filed a source report in 1996 that led to the registration of the FIR against Rehman Malik. According to the Interior Ministrys sources, Sajjad Haider forced Tariq to write a letter against source report to pull the Rehman Malik out of cases. On the refusal, Tariq had to face consequences. Documents shown to TheNation revealed Sajjad Haiders influence in the Interior Ministry, as despite refusal of the FIA, he had managed to get grade 18 in FIA. When his case was forwarded to FIA by the Ministry. In a reply, FIA stated, No post of DD (BS 18) is vacant in FIA rather 07 DDs in excess of the sanctioned strength are working against proposed that the Ministry may approach the Finance Division for creation of another supernumerary post of DD BS-18 against which Sajjad Haider be considered for promotion, it added. Even, no ACR, which is mandatory for promotion, was in the account of Sajjad Haider after 1996, despite this he had managed to get promotion. The source while referring the case of Assistant Director(r) Agha Ishrat said that his promotion was stopped due to lack of one ACR. Sajjad also didnt file any single appeal against the removal from service during more than 6 years, which was mandatory for his reinstatement. Similarly, no application was submitted before the Federal Services Tribunal (FST) on the behalf of him. It was also learnt that Sajjad being Ministers Staff Officer had made several visits from the national exchequer. The sources further revealed that Sajjad was now playing an effective role to pull his boss out of court matters. When approached Sajjad Haider for his comments, he simply refused for it. Just saying, I will not give my version.