ISLAMABAD Shockingly Pakistans Ambassador to Yemen has refused to pay heed on woeful plight of his female country fellow, who approached him to seek his help against her employer of Saudi origin. According to details, Begum Nasira, Ms Nasira Alvi and Mr Hussain had worked in a school owned by a banker, Mr Ahmed. In March 2010, the banker fired her without paying dues and withheld her passport also. Ahmed also filed a case in a local court against Begum Nasira over charges of embezzlement, however, the court found her innocent and ordered Mr Ahmed to give back her passport and dues. The mighty man refused to obey the orders of court. On this, dejected Nasira managed to meet Pakistans Ambassador to Yemen to seek his help but shockingly the Ambassador refused to listen to her ordeal and suggested her to talk to Yemeni authorities directly. She approached the Ambassador and asked for help but Ambassador of Pakistan, who spends Rs 1.1 million monthly, remarked, You have approached a wrong person and knocked at a wrong door. Begum Nasira told this correspondent over telephone on Sunday. Look sir We are contributing to our national economy a lot by sending money to Pakistan, however, such inhuman behaviour of representative of our country is not bearable for us, Nasira complained. I had visited the Embassy for 37 days, and then on 37th day, the Ambassador refused to address my issue rather said I knocked at a wrong door, Nasira said questioning what the hell he was doing there if he cannot facilitate his countrymen. This correspondent made several attempts to contact Pakistans Ambassador to Yemen for his comments by calling at his residential landline number but he did not respond. Even, this correspondent tried to contact Ambassadors drivers cell phone but he did not respond also. Nasira is not the only Pakistani who is suffering in Yemen at the hands of authorities of Pakistans Embassy in Yemen and Government of Yemen. A group of Pakistani paramedical staff, which was working for a Saudi-owned Al-khamseen Hospital based in Sanaa, was also suffering. Talking to this correspondent from Yemen, Shehnaz Nadeem, an associate Nurse, said that she along with her other fellows resigned from the Hospital protesting against unethical medical practices and unfair treatment by the Hospitals owner. On this, the administration withheld their salaries and passports. Shehnaz said that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour of Yemen was requested to pressurise the Hospital administration to get their pending salaries and dues released. However, the Ministry could do nothing in this regard. This made Pakistani group of paramedical staff to contact Pakistans Embassy in Yemen but, once again, they could get no relief from there also, Shehnaz told TheNation from Yemen on telephone. After the group wrote to Pakistans Foreign Office to seek help. The Foreign Office did not come to their rescue. The Foreign Office has displayed its usual cold response on the issue, Shehnaz said. The owner of the Hospital tried to get Shehnaz kidnapped by some Yemenis, however, her colleagues rescued her. Police has arrested the culprits but the planner is yet to be arrested, Shehnaz said. I have written to the Foreign Office for 73 times that my life was in danger, however, it did not respond yet, Shehnaz told this correspondent. A number of Pakistani working in an oil factory approached the Embassy on last Sunday and sought held for release of their salaries and passports to proceed to Pakistan. They have been working for the factory for a year; however, the employer did not pay them even a single penny since then. They, somehow, managed to contact the Embassy last Sunday, however, the issue is yet to be resolved.