LAHORE - Consumers alleged that the vendors have fixed forged rate lists of commodities by replacing the original lists issued by the price control committees for Sunday Bazaars because rates of products varied from the rate lists. The consumers complained during a survey of Sunday bazaars that vendors continued fleecing the consumers by overcharging and selling substandard commodities in violation of price lists of price control committee and quality control monitoring committees and such practice was unchecked. The consumers complained that most of the stall-holders and pushcart vendors were overcharging on vegetables, spices, cooking oils, drinks and fruits by overlooking all the rules and regulations set up by the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) and also were providing substandard and even rotten products to the consumers openly. While justifying overcharging, they said that the wholesale and retailers in fact were responsible for such price-hike adding that their margin was nominal. We do not buy substandard commodities but the retailers or the suppliers usually adulterate some products just for minting money, they added. How can we sale a product at Rs 15 which they purchased in the same rate from the wholesale market of vegetables, fruits and other products of daily use while the price control committee used to fix the rates of most of the products without confirming prices of such products in the wholesale markets, said Saeed Rasheed, a vendor. He said the vendors got stall in Sunday bazaars for earning profit and feeding their families and not for loss in business. He further said it was not fair on part of the authorities to force them to sale products on purchased rates or on even lower rates. When the authorities concerned force them to follow the rate list of price control committee, they compel to sell lower quality or substandard products to the consumers, he admitted. On the other hand, the citizens complained that the stall-holders themselves increased the rates of about all the products in violation of the rate list trouble the consumers particularly the poor, said a consumer Jamil Ahmed, resident of Baghbanpura. He said that the stall-holders used to sell only substandard or lower quality products on cheap rates or according to the rate list provide by the govt. Afzal, resident of Shah Jamal Colony, said that the greengrocers on the same rates of open markets were selling in the Sunday bazaars. However, an official of Sunday Bazaar administration said that ups and down in the rates was a routine matter. however, the district administration have mechanism to keep check over the shopkeepers and the prices of the commodities available in the Sunday bazaars were being monitored regularly and complaints of consumers were also being redressed. He further said the district administration also established an affective monitoring system in this regard it was alert and keep eye on the activities of the stall-holders and the officials on duty as well.