LAHORE - The Iqbal Town police allegedly refused to take action against three accused men who sexually assaulted a housemaid at the behest of the owner of the house, police sources said on Sunday. As per details, 19-year-old Esha, a resident of Patoki, Kasur, approached the police concerned and asked them to take action against the rapists. The police refused to do so and allegedly threatened the girl of dire consequences, saying, the (accused) persons belonged to a noble family, a police source confided. Esha started work as a housemaid at the house of one Nazia at Huma-Block, Iqbal Town. She got this job through a woman namely Farkhanda. According to Esha, her employer refused to give her the salary, fixed at Rs 4,000 per month, which she demanded from her after a few months. She was in Dubai when I contacted her for getting my salary. Nazia told me that she would discuss this mater on her return, she added. When Esha some days back visited Nazia, the latter was having a chat with her friend Usman, brother Javed and another youth Arshad, the police said. According to the police sources, the accused woman after seeing Esha induced her chatting group to 'treat the girl confining her in a separate room in the backyard of the house. At the behest of Nazia, Esha was taken to the said room and raped. The accused also tortured the girl. She managed to escape from the room after breaking the windowpane early in the morning. The Iqbal Town police, however, maintained that no such girl contacted them except an advocate who submitted an application regarding this case. We are investigating the case, a police officer said. No case was registered against the accused till filing of this report.