LAHORE People gave vent to their fury against blasphemous caricatures on Sunday and staged protest demonstrations in various parts of the City. Political and religious parties held protests outside the Lahore Press Club, Data Darbar and other places. Anjuman Naujowanane-Islam staged a protest demonstration against blasphemous caricatures on Facebook outside the Lahore Press Club (LPC) on Sunday. The protesters chanted slogans against America and Western countries. They also demanded of the government to break diplomatic relations with the US until they punish the cartoonists. Taj Mohammad Welfare Trust and Islami Tehrik-e-Talba also staged protests outside the LPC while the Tehrik-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool staged protest at Masjid-e-Qudsia, Chauburji. These protests are part of the movement which is launched by the Muslims all over the world. In this connection Tehrik-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool Foreign Affairs Committee will call on the ambassadors of Western countries and particularly of the Muslim countries to inform them about the reservations of Pakistani nation regarding the profane caricatures. An important meeting of the committee has been called at the Markaz Al-Qadsia, Chauburji on Monday (today) at 11am to make consultations and plans of meetings with the ambassadors. Hafiz Akif Saeed, Qari Zawar Bahadar, Allama Ahmad Ali Kasuri, Maulana Mohammad Shafi Josh, Mian Mohammad Aslam Saleemi, Abdul Aziz Hanif, Syed Naubahar Shah, Maulana Abdul Wahab Ropri, Maulana Saifuddin Saif, Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Maulana Mohammad Yousaf Shah, Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema and Maulana Zahid Mehmood Qasimi will attend the meeting. The committee will also meet the leaders of political parties and important personalities to apprise them of the sensitive issue. Meanwhile, the Punjab Union of Journalists has also condemned blasphemous caricatures and demanded the government to use diplomatic relations against people involved in such activities.