ISLAMABAD Advisor to Prime Minister Senator Mian Raza Rabbani would not appear before the Supreme Court of Pakistan today when the petitions against 18th Amendment would be taken up. However, he was consulting members of the Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament to devise a strategy in this regard. Rabbani, who had led the Constitutional Reforms Committee assigned to draft the 18th Amendment Bill, had already held a meeting with some of the members of the committee on the issue but it was not decided yet that how they would defend the 18th Amendment in the apex court. On the previous date of hearing, the apex court had constituted a full court to hear over a dozen petitions challenging various portions of the 18th Amendment terming them repugnant to the basic structure of the Constitution. The team, which would be defending the 18th Amendment on behalf of the federal government, was headed by Senator Wasim Sajjad, one of the members of the 27-member Constitutional Reforms Committee. The sources aware of the developments taking place on this front, said the Constitutional Reforms Committee would submit its arguments in written and in this connection the committee members would be meeting shortly. The sources further informed that Senator Rabbani would have to his aid a panel of senior lawyers who would assist him in framing the arguments and to rebut the objections raised on some portions of the amendment in the petitions filed in the apex court. Meanwhile, the PPP government had already started contacting the political forces both within and outside the Parliament in support of the constitutional amendment and is trying to paint the whole scenario as judiciary versus Parliament where the sovereignty and independence was at stake. The sources informed that by and large the political forces had assured complete support to government in this regard and even PML(N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif has also given assurance to Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani that they would stand by the government on the issue of 18th Amendment. The sources said that majority of the legal mind in PPP were of the view that the government would go for a showdown with judiciary on the 18th Amendment issue.