The Pakistan Army Chief and other top brass had stated time and again that there will be no army operation in North Waziristan. But after a visit of the US National Security Adviser General James Jones and CIA Chief Leon Panetta recently, that 'firm' stance seems to have changed. Now we are being told that the operation in North Waziristan would not be at the behest of US and that they are not pushing Pakistan. Furthermore, we are being reassured too that "the timing would be decided by Pakistan". I think whoever has manufactured this spiel must have a very low opinion about the intelligence of Pakistani people. Two things have happened in the past despite such statements. One, the US has started the procedures for grant of aid--really packets of peanuts--for Pakistan Army and the civilian set up. Second, the 'do more' mantra has new tunes with strains about Faisal Shahzad/ Pakistani students in UK etc, etc added. And God forbid if anyone remotely connected to Pakistan but somehow proven (at least to the Americans) to have been involved in terrorism is added to that. The new symphony is already rich in effect and fulsome in praise of the utility of a new operation in Waziristan. I find it hard to believe that our politicians, normally quite shrewd when it comes to matters related to power, and our Army top brass, which is supposed to have some training in strategic matters, could be so naive and gullible to fall for this kind of rot that is so sans substance and all bluff. I think if the Armed Forces of Pakistan want to earn respect of their people, they will have to learn to not give in to the temptation of dollars and all things metallic bought with it. They are getting nothing but peanuts in this case because the US, as always, keeps with the policy of imposing costs of war on the country under its imperial domination. Even if the amounts on offer are very large, they would not be a compensation for the losses that are to follow. DR SHAHIDA WIZARAT, Lahore, May 21.