LAHORE - Former Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Husain Ahmed, has said the US dream of enforcing its New World Order throughout the world would never materialize. The US is taking Islam as a challenge and its current war on terror in fact is a war against Islam in which it is seeking help from the other anti-Islam forces, he said this while addressing 'Election Convention organised by the JI, Punjab at Mansoora on Sunday. The convention was attended by the JI candidates for National and Provincial Assemblies and was also addressed by the JI deputy chief Sirajul Haq, JI secretary general, Liaquat Baloch and JI Punjab chief Dr Waseem Akhtar. He said the forces of Kufr were afraid of even the Islamic symbols and that was why European countries like France and Switzerland were banning mosque minarets, Hijab and Burqa and framing laws against these. Qazi Husain termed PPP Information Secretary Fauzia Wahabs statement about Caliph Hazrat Umars summoning by the law court as sheer ignorance. He said the PPP leaders did not believe in any constitution and they wanted to be above the constitution and accountability. Islam, he said, had an inner force and charm and it was the need of the hour. That was why the anti-Islamic forces were afraid of its power. He exhorted the Islamic leadership to wake up and imbibe the real Islamic qualities Qazi Husain said that Islam implied justice and equity. It was sheer injustice, he said, that poor workers toiling for 18 hours a day were unable to make both ends meet while cheats and plunderers were living in posh bungalows and enjoying luxurious lives. He said if the JI candidates could convince the masses that they were capable of setting up a true Islamic system and deliver the basic requirements of life to the masses, they would certainly be successful because both the major political parties had lost the confidence of the electorate. Speaking on the occasion, JI deputy chief Sirajul Haq said in the coming elections, the JI would be facing the feudal lords, capitalists and the privileged people patronized by the civil and military establishment who were in fact slaves of the US and also wanted to enslave the entire Pakistani nation. He said Prime Minister Gilani had kept silence on the issues of blasphemous caricatures, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, and drone attacks. Liaquat Baloch said that the NRO rulers of the country were imposing fake degree holders on the masses thus making a mockery of the judiciary and the parliament. The JI, on the other hand could provide an honest and competent leadership to the nation. He feared that the government was planning an ambush on the judiciary. He said the Prime Minister should implement the Supreme Court judgments instead of talking to the Chief Justice on telephone.