In response to the ban on a large number of websites by the Pakistan authorities, Sherry Rehman MNA, said that while the Facebook ban is related to cartoons offensive to all Muslims, why are other websites being indiscriminately blocked? In a statement, Rehman said that "given the deeply offensive, anti-Muslim nature of the Facebook postings, it is understandable that some response was warranted. Thailand blocked Facebook and so did Turkey when offence was caused to a people at large. "But why is Pakistan Telecom Authority blocking 800 other sites? Why is the Webster dictionary and Wikipedia being blocked, asked the former Federal Minister for information. "Thousands of Pakistani students use these sites on a daily basis. There is no need to lose sight of fundamental freedoms for 180 million people if one server has caused offence. Freedom of expression is a jealously guarded, and very hard-won right, and we must not squander it in a rush to tar all outlets with one brush. Those who cause wilful offense in the name of freedom, must expect limits, and lines must indeed be drawn but tolerance also demands that we not act in haste to shut the door on all voices other than our own. I just hope this incident does not become a curtain-raiser for other curtailments."