PESHAWAR - The Awami National Party (ANP) will find out causes of its defeat in May 11 polls aimed to evolve a comprehensive strategy for strengthening the party in future, said Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, former chief minister KPK while addressing a gathering of party’s candidate here on Thursday.

“The party will find out weaknesses, faults and causes of failure in elections. And on the basis of its outcome, a strategy will be chalked out to work for the betterment and strengthening of party,” he added.  Refereeing to ANP’s poor performance in the polls, he said that “What, we see today, will certainly benefit the party in future.”  He said that in KPK majority of people voted for PTI. “We accept the mandate of PTI to rule the province for next five years,” he added.

He said that indeed there were hardships and challenges in every election but the recently held polls were different in all aspects. “Despite constant attacks and life threats, ANP bravely run the elections campaign for which the party leadership, candidates and workers are to be appreciated,” Hoti said.

He said that no one could deny the fact that there were weaknesses as well as difficulties, as prior to elections, ANP was under attack. He said that ANP candidates were targeted on daily basis. “We term it a pre-poll rigging and complained to ECP in this regard,” he remarked.

In his speech, ANP provincial chief Senator Afrasyab Khattak said that the defeat of party had many reasons, including terrorism and attacks on party candidates. Besides these, he said that there were certainly lapses on their part too. “We don’t want to tender resignations from party offices just for the sake of resignation. “We have formed a committee that will probe the real causes of defeat and submit its findings within two months. Action will be taken on recommendations of the report,” he added.

Terming the coming set up in the province a bubble one, he said, “It is more fragile bubble than the MMA government. All the decision of KPK will come from Lahore.” “This bubble will soon burst. We are democratic people and want to see continuation of democratic process,” he stated.

Without naming Begum Nasim Wali Khan, Khattak said that the party welcomed criticism and suggestions but it should be on proper forum of the party. “No one has the right to criticise the party policies outside the party forums,”

In his speech, ANP former sports minister Syed Aqil Shah said that there was a need to have an operation within the party.

He said that it was a reality that people voted for PTI. He said that he really did not know whether his family voted him or anybody else. “Let us focus on youth and end disappointment,” he added.

He said that those who were dreaming ANP elimination were actually living in a fool’s paradise and their dreams would be shattered soon.