DORSET - GN - DWant to try your banana trick shot? What better place than this completely potty, fruit-shaped pool table?

The bright yellow gaming table is the work of British artist Cléon Daniel. The 25-year-old from Dorset roped in a family friend to help construct what he has dubbed Banana Pool.

Cléon previously put out a well-received book called of hilarious drawings for zany designs called ‘Unventions’.

He explains: ‘I’ve always had ideas and made things, it’s over the past couple of years that I’ve had opportunity to take things further.

‘The book was doing well and this encouraged me to keep developing my work, it was around this time I had the idea for Banana Pool. The idea came to me in a matter of minutes on the train; I have the page in my notebook where I sort of lucidly scribbled it down. I was working on some ideas around decay and ageing, thought how many different signs/patterns there are for this in nature, and how life’s journey, although leading to the same thing is affected along the way by environment and intervention, like a game. I thought of a banana and imagined something extrinsic pushing the spots around on it and how the pattern could be used differently, and it just clicked.’

The resulting design was for an 8.5ft-long games table in bright yellow. ‘I approached an old family friend and retired carpenter in April last year with the table idea, he was amused, and happy to help me make it. Work started in May in his workshop in Dorset and I juggled as many afternoon and odd days per week in the workshop with freelance photography jobs for about 9 months.