The Lahore High Court on Thursday put the federal government and other respondents on notice over a plea seeking legal action against MQM’s self-exiled chief for his remarks against the country’s ideology.

The petitioner had submitted Altaf Hussain’s May 12 speech was anti-state and amounted to treason; he therefore be brought back, and penalised in accordance with the law.

During Thursday’s proceeding, the high court instructed the federal government and other respondents to submit reply within two weeks.

PTI Lahore Lawyers’ wing chief, Fayyaz Ahmed Mehr, had moved the petition, submitting that the MQM chief on May 12 addressed his party workers and threatened the election commission of Pakistan, establishment and media and workers of other political parties and politicians, and demanded to detach Karachi from Pakistan. The petitioner stated Altaf Hussain’s demand was against the constitution and ideology of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He maintained Altaf had conspired to destabilise and create unrest in the country just to achieve his indiscriminate aims.

The petitioner added according to the Political Party Order, 2002, only an individual or association of citizens of Pakistan could form, organize, continue or set up a political party, but Altaf is not a Pakistani national and cannot claim to be the chief of a Pakistani political group, the MQM.  According to the section 5(1) of chapter II of Political Parties Order 2002, Husssain cannot serve as an office-bearer of a political party in Pakistan as he has not been qualified to be a member of Parliament.

The petition submitted according to the Article 5 of the Constitution, loyalty to the state was the basic duty of every citizen, but the language and words used by Altaf Hussain in his speech were against the Ideology of Pakistan. His speech was anti-state and amounted to treason; therefore he be brought back and punished in accordance with the law.

People working for him also be penalised in accordance with the law, the petitioner demanded, warning in case Altaf Hussain was allowed to enjoy such a status in the future, he might create frustration and unrest in the country. 

The petitioner requested that Hussain be restrained from claiming to be the chief of the MQM, and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority be directed to stop all media outlets from giving him coverage.

MQM reforms reveal its illegal activities

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh spokesperson Dawa Khan Sabir said that Karachi had deliberately been targeted with terror.

In a statement on Thursday, he said that the business community had left the city due to bloodshed and evil state of affairs while youth had been forced to leave the books and carry weapons.

He said that business and investment leaving Karachi is problematic as city produces 70 percent of the total revenue of the country. Dawa Khan deemed Altaf Hussain’s statement about reorganising the MQM as confession of land grabbing and other illegal ways of money-making through terror.

He said that Mustafa Kamal was equally responsible as all illegal activities were performed under his direct supervision and caused huge financial losses to the City Government.

He appealed to the Supreme Court for taking notice of the criminals’ activities and to liberate the citizen from constant fear of land and extortion mafia.

The PTI leader said that people of Karachi came out to cast their vote for change so as to get rid of these muggers but their mandate was hijacked.

He asserted that PTI would keep on supporting the people fighting for their rights and the city would get back the title of ‘The City of Lights’.