Beating big bosses, Parvaiz Malik of NA-123 emerges to be the most ‘popular winner’ of Lahore securing 73 percent of total votes cast in his constituency, while the only winnin g candidate of PTI Shafqat Mehmood of NA-126 with 50 percent surfaces to be the ‘least popular winner’ of Lahore.

Just by a difference of one percent Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of NA-122 stands second last on this list as he secured 51 percent votes against PTI chief Imran Khan.

Shahbaz Sharif of NA-129 shares 3rd position with Waheed Alam of NA-127, both secured 65 percent, while Nawaz Sharif, PML-N chief from NA-120, finishes 5th with 61 percent.

Second on the list is Hamza Shahbaz of NA-119 who shares his position with Rohail Asghar of NA-127 both secured 70 percent of the total the vote cast.

Khawaja Saad (NA-125) and Sohail Shaukat (NA-130) share the 8th slot, both scored 56 percent of polled votes in their respective constituencies.

Out of 13 candidates of PMLN, 8 have crossed the 100,000 mark while five, which include Sohail Shaukat Butt, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Ayyaz Sadiq and Khawaja Hasaan remained below the mark at PML-N’s claimed powerhouse, Lahore.

Interesting findings

of battle 2013

l    Parvaiz Malik scored the highest number of votes in the city from NA 123- 126878 out of 347941 registered votes.

l    The toughest competition was seen in NA-126, where Shafqat Mehmood defeated Khawaja Hassaan by 7453 votes.

l    The biggest lead was given by Parvaiz Malik to Atif Chaudry in NA-123. He won by the difference of 86261 votes.

l    The highest scorer of PTI in Lahore is Shafqat Mehmood, 97785 votes. Imran Khan comes second with 84517 votes.

l    The greatest turnout was seen in NA-128, 64%.

l    The lowest turnout was seen in NA-127, 49%.

l    53.52% turnout was seen in Lahore (beats all previous records).

l    A total number of 7 candidates who had won in the last elections were allowed to defend their constituencies by PML-N. All candidates maintained their positions; they include Malik Riaz- 118, Hamza Shahbaz- 119, Ayyaz Sadiq- 122, Parvaiz Malik- 123, Rohail Asghar- 124, Khawaja Saad- 125 and Afzal Khokar- 128.

l    The area with the highest number of registered voters was NA-125 with 429115 registered voters.

l    PML-N finally secured NA-130 which was a known castle of PPPP’s Samina Khalid Ghurki.

Interesting findings

of election 2002:

l    Sardar Ayaz Sadiq secured NA-122 beating Imran Khan by a massive margin. The two faced each other for the second time.

l    Tahirul Qadri beat Naseer Bhutta of PMLN and Abdul Aleem Khan then of PMLQ in NA-127

l    Muhammad Akram Zaki of PMLN was beaten by Humyun Akhtar of PMLQ in NA-125.

l    Hafiz Salmaan Butt of JI swept NA-118 beating Mian Azhar, Inamullah Niazi and Chaudry Abdul Qadir.

   Khuwaja Saad Rafique of PMLN achieved a land sliding victory in NA-119 beating Jahangir Badar and others by great a margin.

Having 13 representations in the national assembly, Lahore is the second largest city of the country, but better known for its politically eruptive aura. Punjab is the biggest province of the country, which occupies 183 seats out of 342 making around 53.5 percent of the entire national assembly and Lahore being the largest city of this province is a proven catalyst in political processing. PML-N got 11 out of 13 seats in 2008. This time was no different, ‘N’ swept Lahore, occupying 12 seats out of 13 proving to be the better voice of Lahore. Critics believe that N’s victory in 2008  was a ‘gifted walkover’. Firstly, due to the gaining anti-Musharraf swing , secondly, also because other major political parties having considerable influence over the city, parties like Jamat-e-Islami and PTI were not contesting the last election. However, all parties had participated in election 2002. n