PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister-designate Pervez Khan Khattak said on Thursday that provincial assembly meeting had been convened on May 29, 2013. "Issues will be resolved within couple of days. PTI will meet its 100 per cent agenda during its rule in the province," he said this while addressing a news conference here. He said that people would see corruption-free government in the KPK.

He ruled out general impression that there was wrangling among PTI, JI and QWP over ministries, saying they were moving in the right direction. He maintained that dust would settle down in few days and everything would become clear.

On the occasion, Mushtaq Ghani and Sikandar Lodhi, two independent MPA-elect from Abbottabad announced joining the PTI unconditionally. The chief minister-designate said that the independent members had reposed their confidence in the leadership of party Central Chairman Imran Khan and had pledged to support PTI in its agenda of bringing reforms and doing away with rampant corruption. Khattak said that PTI would implement its programme in letter and spirit, saying his party had given a new dimension to the politics where youths rallied around Imran Khan to bring about change and end the long-prevalent status quo in the country.

To a demand of both lawmakers-elect that Hazara be given status of a province, he said that they had supported the move during elections campaign and would present a resolution in the house if they mustered the desired strengthen of members. To allegation levelled by ANP KPK President Senator Afrasyab Khattak that decisions about PTI KPK government were made in Lahore, he said that Imran Khan was the party leader and therefore was required to make decisions.

On this occasion, Mushtaq Ghani said that he was deeply impressed with the vision of Imran Khan and had joined the party to serve the masses.

MPA-elect Sikandar Lodhi also praised PTI leadership for its revolutionary programme to improve health, education and other social sectors for the benefit of people.