WAPDA Paigham Union President Siraj Uddin Saqib and central leader Kh Zahoor Ahmad Butt have said that the union will get charter of demand accepted from the WAPDA administration after winning the referendum on May 29.

Addressing a workers convention here on Thursday, they stressed upon the WAPDA workers to vote for the Paigham Union on May 29 for the uplift of the department, and revival of honour of workers as well as attaining financial stability. They added that the Paigham Union introduced the tradition of referendum in WAPDA and introduced a 116-pont charter of demand during three-month CBA term. “The dialogue was underway with the WAPDA authorities but some old faces created hurdles in our way. If we win the referendum, we’ll get the charter accepted,” they declared.

They said that the Paigham Union was the true representative of labourers and it would ensure recruitment of workers’ children against vacant posts.