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A radical group within Muttahdia Qaumi Movement has become a trouble as it continues to defy directions from party’s London secretariat, putting the group existence at stake.

According to a former member of MQM’s coordination committee, this group gained strength during Musharraf’s rule, under an influential MQM leader, who was holding a top public office in Sindh for the past many years. 

A former deputy convener, former Karachi nazim, besides former provincial ministers of Sinh cabinet were part of this ‘new MQM circle’ that continued to strengthen within party folds. 

The MQM leader, while admitting that land-grabbing and extortion was being carried out by members of new MQM, claimed that no member of the old guard had ever been involved in such practices or found using militancy as a mean to advance their political agenda.

Asked why the all-powerful MQM chief had not made any effort to stop this radical group, he said, “Altaf Hussain has dissolved the coordination committee to elect new committee in a bid to sideline such elements.”  Asked why Altaf could not take such an action earlier, he said, “Altaf Hussain warned them time and again and tried to sideline their boss, but he managed to undo directions from party’s London secretariat by using his strong connection with the Musharraf office.”

He asserted that on certain occasions, Musharraf intervened to extend political life of the radical group leader who commands absolute power over MQM operating from Nine-Zero.

He even insisted that a new MQM within MQM was being backed by the establishment, which had earlier created MQM-Haqiqi to split the united MQM.

He however added, “MQM will emerge as a reality if it succeeded in curbing the radical group in the new coordination committee; otherwise it will be a myth only.”

The former member of the coordination committee believed that MQM needed to change its style of politics to become a national party from a regional party, and to achieve this goal, hardliners should be retired or sent to back benches.

Asked about MQM-Haqiqi resurgence during the weakest moments of MQM, he remarked it depended upon the old guards how they handled the ongoing crisis among the party ranks.