Following sharp rise in the mercury coupled with prolonged power loadshedding for the past one week, heat-borne diseases have also increased in the city.

During last 48 hours, more than 150 children, suffering from cholera and gastro dieses, have been admitted in the DHQ hospital. As hospitals’ children ward has capacity of 24 beds, the sudden arrival of patients caused huge problems for patients and the hospital staff.

According to Child Specialist Dr Muhammad Amjad, most of the children were suffering from gastroenteritis. Some elderly persons were also admitted in the hospital hit by scorching weather and other stomach-related diseases. The patients were experiencing difficulties due to lack of sufficient beds and medicines in the hospital. According to experts, stomach-related ailments are partly due to roasting hot weather and partly due to insanitary conditions and indifferent attitude of the TMA and health staff to prevent sale of ice-balls, unripe/over-ripe and cut fruits and uncovered edibles in the city.

The citizen protested that the TMA and Health Department should awake from the slumber and take preventive measures to check the spread of stomach-related diseases turning into epidemic.

MEASLES BITES EIGHT MORE KIDS: Eight more measles affected children have been admitted in the DHQ hospital. During past 24 hours, eight measles stung children namely: Ali Hassan, Ibrahim, Faizan, Samra, Saddam, Hassan Ali and Eman were admitted in the hospital, revealed the hospital sources.

During past five months, 167 children have been infected from measles in the area; however, all children were cured.

Meanwhile, local citizens have called upon the authorities to start vaccination on war-footing against measles.