EDINBURGH: As a fashion design, some might say it is just offal.

Jocelyn Mather is expecting to divide opinions after making handbags out of tripe - the stomach lining of a cow.

The 23-year-old design student said: ‘My lecturer kept saying they would look great on Lady Gaga.’

Her collection of hand-stitched bags ranges from a formal clutch to a dainty handbag, with Highland cow tripe used as a lining or outer material.

The fastenings are also made using the animal’s horns and bull ring which led to her flat being mistakenly raided by wildlife officers.

‘My letting agent had been carrying out an inspection in my flat and had obviously come across a pair of cow horns,’ she said.

 ‘He had thought they were ivory tusks and called the police. I was terrified but they just laughed when they saw the horns.’

Her four statement bags are set to go on display at Edinburgh Napier University’s creative degree show this week until June 2.–Metro