ISLAMABAD (PR): Mr Masood Siddiqui has assumed the charge of MD/CEO of OGDCL Thursday. The decision of his removal has been reversed in the light of Supreme Court orders to suspend all the orders of appointment and transfers by caretaker setup.

OGDCL performance remained excellent during the tenure of Mr. Masood Siddiqui for 11 months as the company grew by 19% in nine months as per results of 3rd quarter announced by the company after 31st March, 2013. OGDCL had accelerated production of oil & gas in Pakistan and added atleast 100 MMCFD of new gas and 7000 barrel of new oil into the sytem on fast track basis.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Masood Siddiqui the development projects of OGDCL were accelerated including Kunnar Pasakhi Tando Allah Yar, Uch Development Project & Dakhni Development Projects. During this period the dormant oil & gas fields for the last decade were activated such as Noor Bagla & Sinjhoro Fields were put on production. The OGDCL share climbed from Rs. 150 to over Rs. 200 which enhanced the company value by additional amount of Rs. 200 billion.

OGDCL started work on ideal exploration licenses in Balochistan Province with the collaboration of local communities.

OGDCL had not seen such stellar growth rate during the last fifty years as motivated by Masood Siddiqui.