LAHORE/KARACHI - The Punjab government has issued notification of summer vacations.

According to the notification, the vacations will start from June 1 and will end on August 14. However, private and government schools have been given permission for a 30-day summer camp. Punjab School Education Secretary Aslam Kamboh says private school cannot charge any free for summer camp.

In Sindh, from June 14: The Sindh Education Department has announced the dates for summer vacations for 2013. The Sindh education secretary has announced that summer vacations would start from June 14 and children will get back to school from August 13.

Since the scorching heat wave stay, kids have been suffering from heat-related ailments. Parents demanded earlier summer vacations.

The scorching heat has become unbearable for the school going children as dozens of cases of fainting of school boys are being reported daily in the federal government schools and colleges.

Scores of students are reported to have fallen unconscious in their respective classes during study hours in Islamabad Model college for boys F-7/3 and other schools and colleges.

Dozens of students fainted in MCB F-7/3 when the morning assembly duration was extended from stipulated half an hour the other day . The teachers informed the parents of children by telephone which caused embarrassment among the parents.

Due to prolonged power outage, the children cannot even complete their home work and their sleeping hours also stand disrupted.

The parents have demanded that summer vacation be announced from June, 1 to save their children from falling victim to merciless bouts of heat.