Now-a-days, English has become the international language. It play’s an indispensable role in every field of life. It is believed that English speaker is like a magician in current era.Englaish language plays an important role in the educational institute of Pakistan.

To begin with English language is used as a medium of instruction in the educational institutions. For instance,the teacher deliver their lectures throughout in the English language at the universities. Similarly,the teachers force their students to speak English during the class. In this way, we can see the importance of English language in the higher level education. In addition, the teacher teaches English language to their students through different courses such as TEFL. As well as, students have opportunity to improve their speaking skill through the conversation with their teachers and fellows in English language. Therefore educational institution give pretence to English language as a medium of instruction.

Moreover, English language is used as official language in the many countries of the world. As well as, Englishspeaker have more opportunity for the best jobs in the private and government sectors in the Pakistan .In the same way, society give pretence to English speaker as compare to speaker of other languages. As well as society give difference to that individual who is fluent in speaking English.

Furthermore, English language is the first language of developed countries and Pakistan includes in the developing countries. Thus, English language is very important for the international relations. In this way,we should focus on English language for the betterment of our country. In addition,our students go abroad for higher education and they should be expert in English language for their survival in the foreign country. In this way, we can compete the world by giving the importance to English language. In the nutshell, I would like to say that English is very important for every individual. As well as ,English language enhance the personality of the speaker. Thus our government should take strict actions to improve our education system. So, that every individual can get education in the Pakistan and work for the betterment of the Pakistan.


Vehari, May 20.